What first impression does your resume give? Keep it out of the reject pile.

How to maximize your resume’s face time

When it comes to first impressions, most of us focus on the interview. To land the interview though, you need to look at your resume’s first impression.

A recent article highlights a study that found recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if the candidate is a fit. How can you make sure yours stands out?

    • Check to see if your resume comes across as a wall of words. If so, the reader will feel the same way and be overwhelmed without even reading it.
    • Make sure your job title, company and employment dates can be found easily.
    • List relevant certifications and tech experience before your job history so that it stands out.
    • Showcase your technical expertise throughout your job history.
    • Avoid lengthy paragraphs by breaking responsibilities and accomplishments into a bullet list.
    • Enhance readability by leaving white space between the different sections and bolding each heading.

For extra formatting help, use our standard resume template.