How to Make Your Epic Consulting Resume Shine

Four Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Reviewing ResumeLooking for your next Epic consulting job? Check out these resume tips on how best to highlight your Epic experience!

1) Epic Summary: Start your resume with a professional summary that includes a sentence highlighting your experience and longevity supporting Epic software and a sentence listing your modules of expertise. Have you supported multiple go-lives? Include a short summary in this section. Your goal is for the reviewer to be able to identify your qualifications quickly.

2) Epic Certifications: Make your certifications stand out by giving them their own section after your professional summary. List all of your healthcare IT related certifications in a bullet format. Be sure to include all Epic modules where you have received certification.

3) NVTs: For each Epic module listed, include the New-Version Training (NVT) date. Depending on the project, the client may require a certain NVT level.

4) End Client: In the Epic consulting world, it’s common to work for IT consulting firms. However, it’s best to list the end client on your resume. Hiring managers want to know the clients and projects you’ve supported.

As a starting point, use our resume template. Do you have any other tips for Epic specific resumes? Leave a comment with your advice!