Have the Right Interview Questions at the Right Time

Does your upcoming interview have you full of questions? 

Check out the advice we share with our consultants on what types of questions to ask during the interview and what topics should be left until you’ve sealed the deal. Don’t forget to review the top interview dos and don’ts.

During the interview:

Be sure to have questions ready to ask the interviewing team. Here are a few topics safe for discussion.

  • Company Culture
  • Job Task Examples
  • Performance Measurement
  • What Success Looks Like
  • Reason Position is Open

After the job offer: 

It’s best to put these topics on hold until you have a job offer.

  • Salary
  • Vacation Time
  • Continued Learning Programs
  • Medical and Retirement Benefits

Remember that an interview is about what you can offer the company, not what the company can offer you.

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