Interviewing soon? Don’t overlook these 5 tips to land the job.

Congratulations on getting the interview! It’s time to now focus on making a positive first impression. Also see our top interview dos and don’ts.

Attire: Interview attire is important. Unless you are interviewing at a company externally known for their trendy and hip culture, dress to impress. Even if a company’s dress code doesn’t fall into the business professional category, there’s an expectation that as a potential employee you will make the effort.

Preparation: Interviewers easily recognize a prepared candidate. Prior to the interview, identify how your skills match the job requirements so that you are prepared for the question, “Why are you are a good fit for this position?”

Professionalism: It’s very important to be on time but not too early. Try to arrive within ten minutes of the interview’s start time. Be sure to leave all electronic devices in the car. Greet people with a firm, but not aggressive, handshake.

Technical Jargon: Make sure to find out what each person in the interview does at the company. This will help you evaluate how much technical jargon is appropriate. Tailor your answers so that they demonstrate your technical abilities, but do not overwhelm your audience.

As an IT expert, you probably have strong opinions regarding certain software applications. Try not to let personal opinions seep through. You never know what technology the company uses or is personally favored by those interviewing you.

End of Interview: Before the interview is finished, be sure to include a thirty-second summary about how you are interested in the job and believe you are a great fit because of x, y and z.