On This Veterans Day…

In our series on Epic 201: Communications Within an Epic Implementation series we have covered many necessary pieces of how we need to communicate along with checks and balances to make sure the messages are being heard let alone just getting out the door.

Today, Veteran’s Day, let’s focus on giving thanks to those brave men and women who have stood with their arms in the air, taken an oath and defended freedom both home and abroad.  If you know a veteran, current military service member or have a young one in an ROTC program…take the time and thank them.  This oath is not taken lightly and they will, if called upon, will lay their life down for people they don’t even know.

Don’t forget our heroes when they come home and let’s not forget to help take care of them when they need us.  There are so many organizations that dedicate their very existence to helping our military members and their families readjust back to civilian life after long deployments take them from their sense of “normal”.  Whether you choose to volunteer or donate to their causes, we applaud your efforts to not let these brave men and women be forgotten.

As a proud military spouse, I want to share with you some organizations who are out there equally proud to serve, honor and represent our military.  Go visit them and see what they are about:

Armed Forces Foundation – They have direct assistance programs, awareness and advocacy campaigns which improve military-to-civilian reintegration.  They also do work with wounded warriors through their softball team. Military children get opportunities for sports camp.  www.armedforcesfoundation.org

National Military Family Association – 2 main programs are their focus: Military Spouse Scholarships and Operation Purple Program.  Operation Purple Program works with families going through reintegration and coming back together after a war injury.  www.militaryfamily.org

Disabled American Veterans – Providing valuable rides to VA facilities to make sure our disabled veterans are able to get the healthcare they need is their most prominent service they provide.  They also have several other outreach programs you can check out.  www.dav.org

So these are my favorite 3.  There are so many organizations that reach out in some capacity to our proud men and women who serve and the families who stand beside them.

My message this week…just don’t forget them!!  Say thank you, shake a hand of a vet, and donating to the causes that go a long way to help them now and forever is your small responsibility in all of this.  Just take action and make it happen; after all…they did!

Next week we will continue our work with communications within an Epic Implementation.

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