Traveling light is a delicate balance

Using a carry-on bag comes with a lot of added bonuses – it saves time AND money. Not having to stand in line to check a bag, or wait for it to be unloaded, can really help when we’re in a hurry.  Also, if we don’t check the bag, it can’t get lost! That sickening feeling of watching the conveyer belt go around and around without your bag –ugh! For many of us on week long trips, it’s more the lack of space for liquids that deters us from just carrying on, rather than the needed luggage space.  Samantha Brown, star of several Travel Channel shows, gives some great tips on how to best utilize the space in your liquids bag .

Whenever my husband and I travel, our quart size zip bags are haggard and falling apart by the time we head home. I love the liquids bag that Samantha has in this video! For some reason getting a reusable bag never occurred to me. Maybe because, as she mentions, most of the bags in stores aren’t quart size and I never wanted to give up the extra real estate. After reading a lot of reviews, it seems that the stiffer plastic travel bags are not ideal, because the items can stick to the plastic, making it tricky to cram everything in. Ideally bags made from PEVA are best to avoid that problem. I have included a few options that I’m excited to try out.

In my search there are two bags that I am excited to try. The first is the Reveal Quart bag by RuMe . It comes in Green, Fuchsia, and Navy Blue. I’m intrigued by that design because the zipper is on the face, rather than the top, and I can see that being useful. The second bag is *(Re)Zip Travel Reusable Storage Bag by Blue Avacodo. I like this one because it has a flat bottom, which comes in handy for packing bottles.

Do you have a favorite reusable liquids bag?

Contributed by: Katie Stewart, Consultant Services Coordinator