Smartphone – Most Valuable Travel Accessory!

Here is a great article reminding us how useful our Smartphone is when traveling.

There is so much info that we can hold on our phones – Maps, Translators, Flight Details, Trip Plans, Sites to see… Our phone is our “Travel Toolkit”.  Make sure that all your apps are up to date and downloaded before you head off on your adventure – never know if you will have internet access.  Remember to use that Free Wi-Fi, when you can, to save on data charges.

How about that camera?! Smartphone cameras rival the best traditional camera (in my opinion) and are handy and easy to use. Uploading to your favorite social media site to share the adventure is all that much easier with Smartphone pictures. Take a photo of the front of your hotel or the hotel business card in case you get lost. Wandering by an interesting café in Venice, take a picture so you might find it later.

And…gone are the days of packing several books for a trip. My suitcase is a lot lighter! Connecting digital books to the Smartphone is easy and convenient. I still prefer my kindle over my phone since I don’t always have my reading glasses handy.

My favorite is the electronic boarding pass – though not every airport uses that functionality with every airline.  Found that out the hard way….

Most important tip– Don’t forget your charger!!

Happy Travels!

Contributed by: Holly R. Hill – Finance Administrator