Part 4: Mastering Sleep on the Plane – Accessories…

Here are some top products and some personal favorites that help me relax and get some ZZZZ’s on the plane. These suggestions won’t work for everyone, but give this a read and maybe you will come up with a helpful tip.

It’s pretty much agreed that blocking out noise and distractions is key to being able to fall asleep. Bucky has a great eye mask. The adjustable elastic is helpful to get a good fit, and the molded eye sections are comfortable.

Ear plugs or Headphones are a must for blocking out noise – the higher the decibel rating the better. Noise canceling headphones are helpful, but pricey. If you’re flying a lot, they may be worth the investment. The combination of the ear plugs and noise canceling headphones is ideal. Normal headphones and earbuds can work well too, depending on what you’re listening to. It makes sense to listen to something soothing or something that requires concentration, like an audio book. I found these headphones  very intriguing if you have problems sleeping with earplugs or buds in.

A snuggly blanket is a creature comfort that I love! I tend to fold mine up and try to sleep face down on the tray table.

Getting a Little Help

Many references were not in favor of taking sleep aids unless you’re on a long flight. Taking something can make it difficult to function upon landing, especially if you need to drive.  Some suggested Herbal Remedies are Melatonin, Valerian Root, and bringing a Chamomile tea bag and asking the flight attendant for hot water as you get ready to relax into rest.

Sweet Dreams! I’m excited to try out these new found tips on my transatlantic flight this fall. What are your tips for sleeping on flights?

Contributed by: Katie Stewart, Consultant Services Coordinator