Mastering Sleeping While In-flight – Part 2

Dress for Success:

It’s widely agreed that is very important to dress comfortably on your flight if you intend to sleep. If you have a meeting when you land, change once you’re on the ground; your clothes will be in better shape. Several articles suggest wearing loose fitting, non-synthetic clothing since it breathes better. If you are trying to sleep in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar space, creature comforts can be a big help. When I have to get some sleep I prefer to travel in a fuzzy hooded sweatshirt; ideally the kind that’s still new enough that it’s super soft and snuggly. I pull the hood up and snuggle in like I’m in a cocoon. Fuzzy thick socks are a must. Almost every article suggests sleeping with your shoes off and since planes are always cold, socks are a must.

 Eating Right:

It’s best to avoid heavy, greasy, or super sweet meals prior to flying. Also, it is highly advisable to avoid alcohol and caffeine prior to flying, both of which are dehydrating. Eating meals when we are used to eating will help keep the body on track. Do not worry about in-flight meals, they are mediocre at best. Passengers are better off packing healthy protein packed snacks, or eating before boarding the plane. If you’re trying to stay awake until the service carts go through, you’re not focusing on sleeping. Ask the person next to you to let the flight attendant know that you do not want to be woken up.

Next week…The right state of (sleep) mind

Contributed by: Katie Stewart, Consultant Services Coordinator