Smartphone Apps That You Will Want to Download

How many of you get overwhelmed and frustrated browsing through available apps?  I certainly do and would much rather ask friends about their favorite apps and why they use them. So in that spirit, here are some of the apps that I use regularly and highly recommend.

Mile IQ

Mile IQ keeps track of your personal and business mileage. You can then classify the drives as business or personal.  It also allows you to auto-classify frequent drives.  It provides monthly and annual reports of your mileage expenses for tax deductions.

Open Table

Open Table makes booking restaurant reservations a breeze. I use if for personal and business meals.  It is easy to use and I especially like the ability to quickly make changes to reservation times or the number of people in the party.  A calendar invitation is generated that can be sent to invitees. You earn reward points with each reservation which can be used for future dining credits or Amazon gift cards.  The only con I would add is that not all restaurants participate in Open Table booking.

City Maps 2 Go

City Maps 2 Go is a must have for anyone who travels. It turns your phone into a digital guide and planner leading you through choices of restaurants, hotels and which attractions to visit. You simply download your destination cities and then walking directions and city information are available to you without having to incur roaming charges.


Uber just makes getting around easy.  It is my go-to app when I need a ride. It offers the convenience of seeing the pick-up status, not having to exchange money or tip the driver.  A detailed receipt is sent after the trip is complete and you can rate your ride satisfaction. Uber is available in many large cities in the US and abroad.


Paperless provides a quick and easy way to eliminate paper notes. It lets you create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, plan a party, prepare notes for a presentation, keep track of gift ideas or plan a vacation. Lists can be emailed to recipients and saved to Dropbox.


Become a Wazer. Waze provides real-time feedback from drivers to improve the quality of everyone’s daily driving. After typing in the destination address, you just drive with the app open on your phone to passively contribute traffic and other road data. You can also share road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way hands-free. Waze also collects information on the best gas prices to help you save money.

Music Streaming

There are a number of apps devoted to bringing you an amazing music experience. Some are free while others require a subscription.  I like the convenience of being able to listen to new releases, different genres and create playlists. These apps provide the ability to stream music in your house, car and anywhere your device goes.  Some of the most popular paid music streaming apps are Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play. I recently subscribed to Apple Music and really like it.

Finally, you can also search your favorite social media and blog sites for recommendations. When you find an app you like, please share it with us!


Contributed by: Amy Noel, Executive VP, Sales & Recruiting