Office Design Trends for 2020

Today’s office design trends are focused on creating welcoming spaces that are comfortable, encourage collaboration and nurture creativity. These modern designs are creating work environments where employees are more productive, happier and energized.  Here are six design concepts currently trending:

Flexible Office Space

Flexible office space is non-restrictive, scalable and allows for the creation of dynamic environments It allows employees to work in different areas instead of being stuck at their desk. A single office area can function as a quiet room one day and a presentation area the next day. Social staff members will thrive in open and active spaces where quiet or shy staff will prefer a quiet space where they won’t be bothered. Flexible office space gives both types of employees the environments that work best for them. Some companies are designing their office spaces in a way that are influenced by public places such as a public library or hotel lobby.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Organic materials, natural light, plants, patterns and water all work to create a relaxed environment which helps to reduce stress and increase energy. Mimicking the outdoors through use of natural elements in the workplace can have a similar effect of walking in the park to staff. Artwork, colors and furniture are selected to complement the natural elements in each area thus creating a variety of workspaces. Studies have shown that the work environment has a tangible effect on employee’s performance and mental well-being so take your office from cold and corporate to warm and natural.

Use of Color

You want to have a color scheme that matches your brand but also creates a visual impact for your overall space. The use of a warm color palette such as orange, yellow and red can heighten the senses and blues and violets create more of a calming effect. You may choose to use calming colors as the main colors and then use warmer colors as accents.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Many companies are allowing pets at work. Designing these spaces can include individual cubicles with gates or large workspaces that are designated pet areas. Special flooring, kitchens, dog-runs and outdoor bathroom areas are incorporated into the design.  Companies who have implemented these changes highly recommend having a comprehensive pet policy.

Integration of Technology

Many offices are now opting for laptops instead of desktops, giving their employees the freedom to work from anywhere. Since work has now become portable, offices need to adjust accordingly. There needs to be power outlets readily available around the office, Wi-Fi network, video conferencing technology, screens for presentations, wireless charging stations, data ports and other technology to facilitate smart working.

Cohabitation Spaces

New cohabitation spaces are moving away from traditional closed off co-working spaces to open spaces where companies can share the same space, resources, and perhaps talent. The core features of the design all share the goal of maximizing collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and promoting innovative ideas. These workspaces are designed to attract millennials and are being adapted to businesses outside of the tech sector.

Thoughtful office design can influence an employee’s productivity, happiness and job satisfaction.   The best office design incorporates natural light, open spaces, natural elements and a variety of workspace options. Which of these design trends have you implemented or plan to implement in the future?



Contributed by Amy Noel