New Assignment On-Boarding at DCS

Compliance is a necessary and important phase in starting a new consulting engagement. It is the single most important step that lies between you and the first day at the client site. DCS works directly with the client’s Human Resources department to obtain their specific on-boarding requirements for contractors. We factor in approximately two weeks to obtain, process and submit the results to the client.  Your start date is calculated based on this timeline and here is what you can expect and tips that really help us out.


  • You will receive a packet of paperwork to complete. This gives us authorization to initiate a background check and drug screen. Clients may also require additional checks such as driving record, sex offender or education verification.

TIP – Complete this paperwork quickly to start the process. Respond to our email and phone messages in a timely manner.

  • Clinical information – healthcare organizations often require verification of immunizations, TB test, hepatitis screening, flu shot or a physical exam.

TIP – Gather and store immunization and other health records for quick access

Getting It Done

  • We understand that this can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. We do our best to locate laboratories and clinics that are nearby who can accommodate your schedule.

TIP – Don’t miss appointments.  If you need to reschedule a drug screen contact us immediately.

  • It is important that you make completing your compliance a priority. Failure to complete these in a timely manner can impact your start date or put your contract at risk.

TIP – Be organized, keep us updated on your progress and have a good attitude.

Client Acceptance

  • We submit all of the information provided to the client for review and acceptance. They often will have questions or require additional information. Once everything is completed, we will confirm the start date with the client manager and communicate that information to you.

TIP– We will provide you with directions, contacts, hotels and travel policy information. Please do not make any travel arrangements without our authorization.

DCS has dedicated team members that manage the consultant on-boarding requirements to make it as painless as possible. Our team is here to educate, assist and process your compliance information as efficiently as possible to get you started on your next assignment.


Written By:

Amy Noel

Executive Vice President, Sales and Recruiting at DCS