Want to be noticed on LinkedIn? Here’s how.

Whether you are searching for a job or just looking to stay connected, LinkedIn is the place to engage with other business professionals in your industry. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the 175+ million users.

1) Include a photo…of your face.

If your profile has a photo, it is seven times more likely to be viewed. Just make sure the photo is clear, professional, and up close. I’m always surprised when I see a profile photo taken so far away that I can’t even make out the face. Whether it’s right or not, without a photo I assume the person is not an active user, and as a result, I don’t take the time to connect with them.

2) Engage with connections and companies.

When trying to establish a presence on LinkedIn, I recommend commenting on shared content and joining relevant groups so that you can participate in group discussions. Also, follow companies of interest so that you can keep up with their news, job openings, and customer reviews.

3) Share content.

Share content with your connections (recommended frequency is once a week). Even when my connections share articles outside of my industry, I always take note and often stumble upon great information. LinkedIn News gives you the ability to select industry topics of interest so that you can customize your daily news feed.

What other LinkedIn tips would you give someone who wants to establish themselves within their industry?

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