Is Your On-Line Corporate Image Attracting The Best Talent?

In 2017, talent acquisition is the top priority for 83% of corporate leaders. Companies need to leverage every opportunity available to attract talent. Don’t miss the most obvious place to start – your on-line corporate image. Social recruiting has a much broader scope than traditional talent searching and provides access to passive candidates with hard-to-find skills. In many cases, candidates are looking at your web and social media presence before they speak with a recruiter. The key factors candidates are looking to evaluate are a detailed job description, a sense of the company culture and the ease of mobile access to information.

You will want to create consistent design and content between your website and social media sites. Pay attention to fonts, colors, images, content and ease of use on a mobile device.  Once your website and social media sites are in place, then the real work begins with updating the content.  It is recommended to designate a resource who will be responsible for maintaining the sites and adding new content on a regular basis. The best advice is to start with the most visible sites for your industry and add others over time.

The most popular social media sites for recruiting have been LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Glassdoor is gaining market share by providing insights into company culture, compensation, employee feedback, and job postings.  Glassdoor also has a job retargeting feature as candidates move around the application. A growing number of candidates are also reporting finding jobs using Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.  It’s important to plan for quarterly evaluation and use of these and other emerging social media sites.

Your on-line corporate image should include both business and personal elements.  The goal should be to create an exceptional experience that reflects your reliability and trustworthiness. Look for opportunities to talk about your vision, corporate giving and employee achievements.  Highlight your most interesting job openings. Encourage your staff to express why they like working at your company.  Research indicates that potential candidates are more attracted to company culture than compensation. Have fun with your updates and be creative!

Lastly, keep in mind that attracting talent is much more than your on-line image, it’s about creating a great personal connection with the candidate and making them feel valued.


Contributed by: Amy Noel, Executive VP, Sales & Recruiting