Four Signs It’s Time to Make a Job Change

I spent the first seven years of my working career as a Registered Nurse.  I liked the variety and challenges of working in the ICU but then I began noticing signs of burnout.  The thought of making a career change was overwhelming at first. Then along came an opportunity to transfer to the Data Processing department at the hospital and I jumped at the chance and never looked back. This decision altered the direction of my entire career.  Unfortunately, many professionals stay in jobs because they are too afraid to make a change, worried about money and are just not sure which direction they want to take their career. Here are four signs that it’s time to make a job change:

1.  Do You Enjoy Your Job?

It’s Sunday afternoon and you should be enjoying your day off. Instead you are thinking about work and dreading Monday morning. Maybe you are constantly thinking about quitting your job. These feelings and thoughts are there for a reason and should be dealt with sooner than later. Don’t let guilt or fear keep you from making a change. Figure out what you really want to do and go for it. After changing jobs, most people say they wish they had made the change sooner.

2.  Is It A Good Fit?

If you are working a job and you don’t like the work, it can be mentally exhausting and leave you feeling unengaged. The thing to remember is what you are good at up until now is not necessarily what you like to do. Because you are good at what you do, it is easy to get the same type of work assignments over and over. Ask yourself, is this job a good fit or would you be better suited to something completely different.

3.  Are You Feeling Challenged?

If you feel challenged in your job, then you will likely push yourself a bit harder and have a sense of accomplishment. This results in a deeper understanding of your industry, which enhances your value and your potential for career advancement. Finding a career that can challenge you to develop new skills and grow should be your top priority. The personal and professional benefits are well worth pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

4.  Do You Want Something More?

Do you imagine bigger and better things for yourself?  Perhaps there is another career direction waiting that will bring you success, recognition and a happier life. A common characteristic of entrepreneurs is they are risk takers and thrive on uncertainty. Embrace these feelings and find your new career path.

Looking back on my career, taking that first step to leave nursing eventually gave me the confidence to begin my consulting career and become an entrepreneur. I encourage you to find a job that makes you feel passionate, challenged, provides work-life balance and makes you happy.


Contributed by: Amy Noel