Starting a new job? Cover your basics on the first day.

Covering your basics: What’s best to do on your first day at a new assignment?

Starting a consulting project at a new client can be hectic, especially as you settle into a routine. Be sure to cover the basics during your first week. Here are the recommendations we give our consultants when starting a new project. Also be sure to stay in contact with your DCS Recruiter to let them know how things are going.

On your first day:

  • Arrive on time. The first day may be filled with introductions, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to be late. Make sure to drive your route the day before to figure out where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there.
  • Take time to meet the other consultants on the project, and introduce yourself to the team you will be supporting.
  • Walk through timekeeping procedures with your new manager. Make sure it’s clear who will be approving your timesheet each week.
  • Stay the full day. Most first days are filled with logistics and administrative tasks to get you set up. However, stay the full day and use any extra time to find out what your coworkers expect from your role.

During your first week:

  • Set up your company email. If working with a consulting firm, make sure to provide them your new email address.
  • Meet with your manager to go over work expectations and deadlines. Discuss the process for gaining approval to work overtime.
  • Take care of any outstanding immunizations required by the client, especially when working in the healthcare industry.
  • And finally, ask a lot of questions, and take notes. Now is the time to ask clarifying questions about the reporting structure, your responsibilities, and project deliverables.