Interested in Healthcare IT Consulting? Here’s how to become Epic certified.

With the growing number of Epic implementations across healthcare facilities, professionals with certifications in Epic software are in high demand. Are you interested in making the switch from healthcare to healthcare IT? As a healthcare IT consultant, you’ll contribute firsthand to the advancement of healthcare technology at hospitals and clinics across the country. To become Epic certified, there are two traditional paths.

1)  Start by working directly for Epic at their headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. Follow internal processes for receiving Epic certification in your desired modules.

2) Work or consult for an Epic customer who has an outstanding role that requires a certified resource for project completion. The customer can work directly with Epic to arrange training. Epic training is typically limited to employees of Epic customers and third party consultants who are supporting their direct customers. Training is conducted at Epic’s Verona, Wisconsin facility.

Once certified, be sure to check out our latest consulting opportunities!